Blue lake

The Annecy lake is the purest in Europe ! It inspired Paul Cézanne for its famous painting called "the blue lake".

Talloires Book Festival

Dedications, conferences, debates, bookshop on the Talloires bay.
Each year in May


Thanks to its location, its ease of access, the number of flights possible, the aerology and the panoramic views, Talloires-Montmin has become the first paragliding spot in Europe.

The Tournette dominates the Lake of Annecy and the village of Talloires down from its 2351 m
View on the "small lake" in Angon
An ideal location
Rowing on the lake
Fat & Pop Race : paddle around the lake of Annecy

Every year on mid-June

Millennium of the Talloires Abbey in 2018
The village
Discover the Talloires bay

Belle, radieuse, saisissante, splendide, somptueuse... les qualificatifs ne manquent pas pour la nommer.

Swimming around the mountains

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Haute-Savoie | Talloires-Montmin : premier vol en parapente à 80 ans pour Yolande via
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