Hôtel La Villa des Roses

wants you to discover a point of interest from Talloires - Lac Annecy
Hôtel La Villa des Roses
Luxurious Lakeside Bed and Breakfast
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Luxurious Lakeside Bed and Breakfast

On the shores of Lake Annecy, by the glorious Alpine mountains, stands the charming village of Talloires that hosts the enchanting Villa des Roses. This gorgeous property was built in the 17th century and has preserved its character and elegance over the centuries. The Villa des Roses was the residence of the local mayor in the time when the Dukes of Savoy reigned and the region was part of Sardinia. The house has hosted various renowned personalities, including Napoleon III, who visited the town of Talloires soon after the region became part of the French Empire in the early 1800s.

The Villa des Roses is an alluring haven of tranquility and charisma that will undoubtedly captivate our guests. The exposed stone walls, original wooden beams, and the grandeur of the wooden staircase will enthrall our visitors. The house offers magnificient views of Lake Annecy on the front side, and the superb Alpes on the back.


  • Distinct, spacious rooms with large marble bathrooms and individual WC's
  • Air conditioning
  • High-speed internet connections in various locations around the house
  • Stoned paved terrace with lounge-chairs overlooking the Lake


Route du Port
74290 Talloires - Montmin
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