Talloires Abbey (Abbaye de Talloires)

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Talloires Abbey (Abbaye de Talloires)
L'un des bijoux du patrimoine de la commune
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L'un des bijoux du patrimoine de la commune

Situated on the shores of Lake Annecy, the purest lake in Europe, Talloires has been recognised as a settlement since the eleventh century.

First with a chapel and then a monastery, its abbey, erected in the seventeenth century by Benedictine monks and now a 4-star hotel and restaurant appreciated for its comfort and extraordinary historical culture; a hybrid place that knows, in any season, how to offer a new dimension to relaxation, to celebrations and paties or to business meetings and conferences.

Nowadays Talloires Abbey organises many exhibitions which are open to the public.

Chemin des Moines
74290 Talloires - Montmin
04 50 60 77 33
04 50 60 78 81
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