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want you to discover a event from Talloires - Lac Annecy
Red Bull Elements
8th edition in Talloires with high level sport
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Red Bull Elements

09h00 - 20h00
Talloires - Montmin
8th edition in Talloires with high level sport

This relay race will gather sharp competitors in every discipline : swimming, trail, paragliding and mountain bike.

On the edges of the lake, in the air and in the Tournette mountain (2351m) , 50 teams will face on about 3 km of swimming + 1km of running, 11 km of trail, 1 hour of paragliding and 25 km of mountain bike.

Don't miss the spectacular landing of paragliders in the bay of Talloires.



7:00 am: departure of the shuttle for paragliders to the Tournette (Place : Talloires)
8:45 am: gathering of the swimmers before the departure (Place: beach) 
9:00 am: departure of the Swimming race
Place: beach of Talloires, Lake Annecy.
9:20 am: gathering of Trailers before the departure (Place: Port) 
9h35 / 10h15: arrival of the relay Swimming - Departure of the relay Trail Running
Place: port, area of hand over (village centre)
10:45 am: deadline for arrival of  paragliders at the top of the Tournette
11:00 am / 1:00 pm : arrival of Trail Running - Departure of Paragliding
Place: summit of the Tournette
11:35 am: gathering of VTT before departure (Place: Port), 
11:50 am / 1:40 pm : arrival of paragliding - Departure of VTT
(Place : port)
1:40 pm - 5:30 pm : Arrival of VTT
(Place : port, finish line)


74290 Talloires - Montmin
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