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Fête du Livre de Talloires : les 30 et 31 mai 2015

24 February 2015
Réservez votre week-end du 30 et 31 mai !

Equipage mère / fille SO'CAR pour le Trophée Roses des Sables

04 February 2015
Un rallye auto au Maroc 100% féminin !

You are a creator, a craftsman, an artist?

17 January 2014
Et vous souhaitez participer aux Jeudis de l'Art et de l'Artisanat cet été dans la baie de Talloires ?

Summer jobs 2015

17 January 2014
sur les plages de Talloires

Between lake and mountains

Between lake and mountains

What is there to do in Talloires?

The choice is vast! Between the lake and the mountains, sports and leisure, culture and nature, there are more than thirty activities to choose from.

Talloires Freedom Pass

The “free pass” to all your sporting and leisure activities during your stay in Talloires.

Your meetings in a unique setting

In the Savoyarde congress house, next to Talloires’ beach and with a fantastic view over the lake, your business meetings and product presentations will benefit from the “Talloires Touch” and give your teams a winning spirit!

Talloires' ports

Four ports, 120 moorings. It’s time to reserve or renew your request for one of our prime spots.

Contact: 04 50 32 26 60 for more information.

Public beaches

Our three beaches are monitored and well-equipped, offering several services for the well-being and comfort of all our patrons.

Talloires webcam

Feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful views of Lake Annecy.

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